Tchaikovsky Zero Recliner

Gold Class Cinema Seat 

The Tchaikovsky Zero recliner is a variation of our popular Tchaikovsky luxury cinema recliner. It is stylish, made from high quality materials and ergonomically designed for optimum comfort. 

The main feature of this luxury cinema seat is the way it reclines - the back is designed to recline down into the envelope of the seat, ensuring minimal space is taken up. Because of the smaller footprint required, this allows our customers to fit more seats into their cinemas, maximising return on investment.

The Tchaikovsky Zero has a removable seat cushion, making replacement and cleaning very easy - gold class luxury has never been so low maintenance!

Features & Benefits

  • Full metal internal frame
  • Removable seat cushion for easy cleaning
  • The footrest is designed to fold up to allow easy access for cleaning
  • Electric recliner and headrests
  • Zero wall recliner
  • Warranty: 5 year commercial warranty


  • Upholstery: full grain leather, semi leather or vinyl
  • No recline, manual recline, electric recline
  • Cup holder in plastic or aluminium
  • Tray Table
  • Cooling cupholder
  •  Electric headrest





: 93-110 cm
: 58 cm
: 87-140 cm
Seat Height
: 50 cm
Colours are indicative only. Please enquire for a full range of fabric swatches available.
Black Y-903
Black and Gray Y-904
Dark Blue Y-902
Royal Blue Y-906
Green Y-901
Dark Red Rhombus
Khaki HF-203
Gray HF-201
Brown HF-216
Black HF-220
Dark Blue HF-207
Teal HF-222
Yellow HF-208
Green HF-221
Red HF-206
Red HF-406
Gray HF-414
Black HF-418
Royal Blue HF-402
Dark Blue HF-603
Gray HF-606
Dark Gray HF-604
Dark Khaki HF-602
Khaki HF-601
Red HF-605
Dark Red 6T-206
Navy T-208
Blue T-202
Camel Vinyl
Chocolate Leather
Black Leather
Cowboy Brown Vinyl
Light Cream Leather
Dark Brown Vinyl