Rossini Recliner

Gold Class Cinema Seat 

The Rossini cinema seat is a luxury, gold-class seating option. This reclining leather cinema chair has all the same comforts as our other gold-class seats but maintains a smaller footprint  making it perfect for cinemas that have small spaces or no capability to extend tiers.  The Rossini can be customised to be a single seat or a two-seat unit and it can come with various recliner options as well as options for either full square or curved arms. All the standard options; cup-holder, lounger or rocking-back, and a range of upholstery choices are also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Upholstery: Available in full top-grain leather, semi-leather (top-grain leather on all contact surfaces, synthetic leather on non contact surfaces), vinyl or fabric. Available in a range of colours.
  • Reclining Mechanism: Lounger back, rocking back or fixed back.
  • Warranty: 5 year commercial warranty


1. Liftable middle arm or fixed middle arm
2. Cup holder in plastic or aluminium
3. Tray Table

: 111 cm
: C-C 70 cm
: 80 cm
Seat Height
: 46 cm
Colours are indicative only. Please enquire for a full range of fabric swatches available.
Black Y-903
Black and Gray Y-904
Dark Blue Y-902
Royal Blue Y-906
Green Y-901
Dark Red Rhombus
Gray HF-201
Khaki HF-203
Brown HF-216
Black HF-220
Dark Blue HF-207
Teal HF-222
Green HF-221
Yellow HF-208
Red HF-206
Red HF-406
Gray HF-414
Black HF-418
Royal Blue HF-402
Dark Khaki HF-602
Khaki HF-601
Gray HF-606
Dark Gray HF-604
Dark Red 6T-206
Red HF-605
Dark Blue HF-603
Blue T-202
Navy T-208
Black Leather
Light Cream Leather
Chocolate Leather
Black Vinyl
Camel Vinyl
Dark Brown Vinyl
Cowboy Brown Vinyl